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As a clairvoyant child Benedick thought everyone else saw into nature like me and even then he had a lifetime goal of refining both inner and outer realities of personal development and self improvement.

Now at a fit man in his 70’s, with a mindset to live beyond 100 and recovered from a lifetime of chronic back, neck and shoulder pain injury and asthma when he was 14.

And a so called healthy “organic food” eating disorder survivor

He grew up on a small farm in Sussex England, walked 2 1/2 miles to catch a train to a Waldorf school, then another 2 miles from the station to school. Over the years a lot of walking!

Now in his 70’s, he has hiked up the Maunas over 100 times often to well over 13,000 ft elevation.

Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea are only 50 miles from his off grid rainforest retreat just south of Hilo, Big Island.

“As a child I thought everyone one else saw into the nature like me. I grew up on a small farm in Sussex England walked 2 miles to catch a train to a Waldorf school, then another 2 miles from the station to school. Over the years I did a lot of walking! And still do even in my 70’s often to over 13,000 ft elevation up Mauna Loa thats only 50 miles from my off grid rainforest retreat in the rain forest just south of Hilo, Big Island.
We played a lot of bridge on the train but in my early teens I got expelled, more later, went to university, got a mining engineering degree and had many wins in then legal RAC controlled rallys in Yorkshire in roll caged mini coopers. As a child I could talk/feel with animals and feel their energies, but the brute Brtitish tradition whipped that out of me but not the memories, and after maybe a decade as an mining engineer and later development engineer and then a stint at Canadian General Electric. By my Saturn return I was ready to leave the rape and slavery corporate scene, and yearned to get back to the world that I knew as a child.
The decades have given me lots of experience and wisdom to research (after quitting GE and over landing through most Africa) and developed cutting edge health and self healing approaches to longevity and recover from decades of chronic back pain issues, asthma, low energy and envision, develop and implement new health protocols, training and coaching in sound healing, microcurrent biofeedback, longevity, exercise, plant based nutrition and playing music.”

Coming Soon …

Fallacy and Idiocracy Podcast launching January 2024

New book avaialable mid 2024 High Attitude Hiking the Hawaiian Maunas – Thriving In Crisis: New Personal Growth Tools for Perilous Times

Articles will cover: Off-grid rainforest living and retreats, Intermittent and Long term Fasting, Exercise and supplementation, Mitochondrial Health, Germ Theory Myths, Ashtanga Yoga, High Altitude Hiking and Prayer, Cymatic Sacred Geometry Sound Healing Environments and sessions, Advanced Vagus Microcurrent Application Strategies and decades of documented results, Chlorine Dioxide Miracles and when and how to use it, Hydrogen Water and Inhalation, and philosophical views about the implementation “doing no harm” strategies to self and others.

Retreat: off-grid unpermitted yoga/dance studio, sound healing room, open kitchen with performance area for musicians and friends and guests with lots of cacao trees, palms and native ohia, and a putting green.

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