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Benedick Howard: Sacred Scientist In Harmony with Sound and Nature - The Healthy Healer THH097

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Join us as I sit down with Benedick Howard, a remarkable “sacred scientist” whose journey from General Electric engineer to Longevity Health Coach and Podcaster is as inspiring as it is unconventional. With a background spanning diverse disciplines like Ashtanga Yoga, high-altitude hiking, and electrotherapy, Benedick brings a unique blend of analytical rigor and intuitive wisdom to his holistic approach to health coaching. Through his pioneering work with sound healing, including the creation of the transformative DreamWeaver system, Benedick sheds light on the energetic dimensions of wellness often overlooked by mainstream medicine. Discover his insights, gleaned from decades of exploration and experimentation, as he shares his vision for achieving optimal health and harmony with nature.

Here are some key takeaways from this interview:

Benedick Howard is a “sacred scientist” who has spent decades researching holistic healing modalities like sound, energy medicine, sacred geometry, homeopathy, and herbalism.  He created the “DreamWeaver” system which uses vibration, music, and the shape of a dodecahedron to release blocked energy and stress from the body and energy field. He believes that sound healing works because sound waves create an electromagnetic field that interfaces with the etheric energies around us. Mainstream ideas about sound only look at the physical aspect (molecules hitting eardrums) and miss this key energetic component. He traveled extensively in Africa in his younger years which opened his eyes to living more in harmony with nature and abundance. This set him on the path of inner development and holistic healing. Now 72, he pushes his physical limits hiking to high altitudes in Hawaii while writing a new book. He is passionate about exposing myths around modern medicine, science, infections, etc.






Show Notes:

Longevity coaching with a Hawaii-based healthy healer. 0:05

Personal growth, spirituality, and health with a 72-year-old guest. 1:03

Personal growth, spirituality, and engineering. 5:42

Spirituality, tax refusal, and interdimensional law. 10:15

Sound healing and dodecahedron shape. 14:04

Sound healing and its effects on the body. 19:06

Sound healing, electromagnetism, and personal growth. 23:32

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