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Welcome truth-seekers! This is the Fallacy and Idiocracy Podcast, where we strive to improve critical thinking skills and make smarter decisions. I’m your host Benedick Howard and in this podcast we dive deep into logical fallacies, cognitive biases, and anything else that leads to muddled thinking.
The goal is to equip ourselves with the tools we need to cut through deception and make rational choices, whether in our personal lives, at work, or as citizens navigating the political sphere. We believe the first step to positive change is developing a clear-eyed view of reality. So join me as we explore all the delusions, false beliefs, logical traps, and bubbles of idiocracy we encounter on the road to self-improvement!
Each week we will tackle another fallacy or bias with wisdom, humor and humility. I hope you’ll come along for the journey to becoming wiser, more ethical and impassioned to create positive ripples in the world by focusing on decentralization and some very rare topics, like Antarctica, the true nature of electricity, or gibble-gabble scientism!
Listen as we cut to the chafe, despite all the rattling sabers, the ever increased corruption, handouts, insider tips, neocon war mongering, slaughter and sacrifice, the 90% killer World Economic Forum agendas, MSN misinformation / disinformation, nobody being held accountable with rampant Ponzi scheme variations of endless wars, medical fraud rape, legal fallacy fraud, money and commodity market fraud, banking and mortgage fraud the list is endless. Top that with 1000s of years of generational indoctrination, lockstep education, woke desensitization, enslavement and exploitation. Whereas in reality there is an obviously abundant universe, with plenty to go round for everybody to lead meaningful lives.
If you have problems with this upside down logic, we understand, we’ve been there too, the Fallacy and Idiocracy Podcast is a self improvement / personal development, at the same time a self-help yourself podcast with the 10 Squat Challenge breaks to get you off your ass and significantly increase your lifespan. It all created just for you to rediscover with exemplary inspiring guests’ personal stories with a track record of navigating their daily life of focused and impassioned intent, a grateful mindset for a happier longer life, nurturing healthy habits at home with family and friends and in the community and beyond.

Meet singer songwriter Neil Young’s brother older brother Robert Young in the first episode to be released January 2024, as we explore his four decade friendship with Moe Nelson the excentrically out of the box thinker and legendary golfer and his new book Mind Golf – The Troubled Genius of Moe Norman.
The perfect reflection on never neglect the power of our mind to manifest our desires, whatever that may be for you, and how with special tunnel like focus alter the flight path of a golf ball for more holes in ones both on and off the course throughout the year.
… and Rob’s account of Neil Young’s levitation experience while performing and upcoming Antarctica eye witness revelations about the Nephilim guardians of the Inner World and other oddities …

We believe the first step to positive change is developing a clear-eyed view of reality. So join me as we explore all the delusions, false beliefs, logical traps, and bubbles of idiocracy we encounter on the road to self-improvement! Each week we will tackle another fallacy or bias with wisdom, humor and humility.
Let’s abundantly righten this upside down world.
Just do-it!
Here are 12 action based everyday life self-improvement actionable advice that we explore on the Fallacy and Idiocracy Podcast:
  1. Regular exercise – Commit to a consistent exercise regimen to improve physical and mental health. Start with brisk walks, aerobic activity, yoga, or strength training 3-4 times per week.
  2. Intermittent fasting – Practice time-restricted eating by limiting meals and calorie intake to set hours, allowing digestive rest and potential health benefits. Begin with 12-16 hour daily fasts to quench the first of those bad habits.
  3. Critical thinking – Having a clear mind is everything, so #1 and #2 are priorities. Question assumptions, analyze arguments objectively, and make decisions based on facts and reason, not just emotion or intuition. Take a logic course, hone your mental health issues.
  4. Mindfulness meditation – Train attention and awareness through regular silent, focused meditation sessions. Start with 5-10 minutes daily. Observe thoughts and emotions non-judgmentally, can be lieing down like Rick Rubin!
  5. Emotional intelligence – Build self-awareness around emotions and develop empathy. Journal regularly, examine emotional triggers, communicate feelings constructively.
  6. Stress management – Identify stressors and adopt healthy coping mechanisms – relaxation techniques, lifestyle adjustments to promote work/life balance. Grab one of those thumper massagers and cold showers are game changers.
  7. Gratefulness training – Cultivate appreciation through gratitude journaling, contemplating blessings over struggles, expressing thanks regularly to foster positive perspective.
  8. Lifelong learning – Commit time regularly to acquiring new knowledge and expanding mental horizons through books, online courses, documentaries and lectures to keep growing intellectually.
  9. Exposure therapy – Break cycles of harmful avoidance by gradually and intentionally exposing oneself to challenging situations and conquering fears and anxieties in the process by leaning into discomfort. Get sunlight in your eyes at dawn and dusk and on your skin.
  10. Community service – Contribute time and energy toward improving the lives of others through volunteer work and civic participation for enhanced empathy, relationships and purpose. Dont ego out on this and avoid self developemn=ent issues.
  11. Preventive healthcare – Take charge of health by eating well, avoiding the negative mindset medical checkups/screenings and the ass backwards tracking family history to supposedly get ahead of illness when it’s most treatable. BS. You’ve got #1 and #2 covered.
  12. Question authority – and do not agree to contract with anyone. Not easy to do becasue we are generationally conditioned slaves.

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I’m your host Benedick Howard, I am not a licensed life coach or accredited health coach you hear on most self improvement podcast posturing their censored and liscenced some times decades old and outdated practical advice, or unwittingly lacking common sense and endless bullying you with so called invaluable insights.
With so much going on in the world today, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless
Instead here is a brand new season focused on solutions to thrive through these perilous times.

and my new book launching mid 2024

High Attitude Hiking the Hawaiian Maunas – Thriving In Crisis: New Personal Growth Tools for Perilous Times

We know that there is more to wishful thinking and hope, if we open our eyes to clearly envision and plan on a life beyond that of unknowingly living a life full of shadowy facades and hidden debt slavery agendas. 
Topics planned for this season are ethics in AI, scientism and lockstep education and medicinal thinking, Electroculture with actionable strategies and actionable insights to grow food even without fertilizers. Deep conversations with guests, some who are bestselling authors towards a powerful harmonious vision for humanity by deep diving into the solutions that are working.
This season, on the Fallacy and Idiocracy Podcast, we’ll be joined by thoughtful and getting it done leaders, researchers, and great story tellers. The foundation of the Fallacy and Idiocracy Podcast is the discussions of possible solutions that will transform medicine, agriculture, exercise, education and bs government idiocracy and whatever else, to do no harm. Despite the on track WHO, WEF et al Agender to cull 90% of humanity.Together, we’ll dismantle the fallacies, expose the idiocracies, and equip ourselves with new personal growth tools to not just survive, but truly thrive.
Now you may be wondering, what exactly is the meaning of fallacy and idiocracy? Let me explain:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

fallacy, also known as paralogia in modern psychology, is the use of invalid or otherwise faulty reasoning in the construction of an argument[1][2] that may appear to be well-reasoned if unnoticed. The term was introduced in the Western intellectual tradition by the Aristotelian De Sophisticis Elenchis.[3]

Fallacies may be committed intentionally to manipulate or persuade by deception, unintentionally because of human limitations such as carelessnesscognitive or social biases and ignorance, or potentially due to the limitations of language and understanding of language.” 

Guess what not listed on Wikipedia, the freely censored encyclopedia

but, Merriam Webster idiocracy – noun
id·​i·​oc·​ra·​cy ˌi-dē-ˈä-krə-sē

1: a society governed or populated by idiots
“Our nation is turning into an idiocracy.”
—Neil deGrasse Tyson

2: government by idiots
“As we lurch toward idiocracy—the real thing, not the movie—we must change course.”
—John Kass

You may feel uneasy confronting topics like government agendas and corruption. But sticking our heads in the sand won’t make problems go away. 

As the philosopher Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
And who was it that said “We will defencd to the death what we think we know, even when we know we are wrong”.

So consider this your call to action. It’s time to break the deafening silence, shatter assumptions, and expose inconvenient truths. The stakes are too high to remain complacent.

But make no mistake, this isn’t about fomenting panic or political unrest. It’s about equipping ourselves with knowledge and seeking empowering solutions. We believe within every crisis lies an opportunity for growth.

So join us as we explore how to:

Identify Fallacies:

  1. Learn to recognize common logical fallacies like ad hominem, false equivalence, post hoc ergo propter hoc, etc. This helps us spot faulty reasoning.
  2. Ask critical questions like – What evidence supports this claim? Who benefits from this belief? Is this an over-generalization? This reveals assumptions.
  3. Consult reputable fact-checking sources to verify claims and statistics. This counters misinformation.
  4. Be aware of your own biases and tendency to seek confirming evidence. This fights confirmation bias.
  5. Note usage of loaded language, sensationalism and rhetorical devices. This counters emotional manipulation.
  6. Distinguish between correlation and causation. This avoids drawing false conclusions.
  7. Evaluate sample size, methods, source credibility in studies. This guards against deceptive data.
  8. Scrutinize vague buzzwords like “research shows” or “experts agree”. This forces specificity.
  9. Consider alternate viewpoints, put yourself in others’ shoes. This increases objectivity.
  10. Ask clarifying questions respectfully. This promotes civil dialogue.

Fix Idiocracies:

  1. Research candidates thoroughly using multiple sources. This results in informed votes.
  2. Support independent journalism and investigative reporting. This increases government transparency.
  3. Learn about current laws and policy issues impacting us. This enables advocacy.
  4. Attend town halls and public forums to engage officials. This holds leaders accountable.
  5. Organize issue-focused voter registration drives. This increases citizen participation.
  6. Volunteer as poll workers or sign up as election monitors. This guards electoral integrity.
  7. Write, call and visit elected representatives’ offices. This pressures action.
  8. Participate in peaceful protests, petitions and boycotts. This demonstrates collective power.
  9. Financially support organizations challenging injustice. This fuels reform.
  10. Run for local office like school board or city council. This influences change from within.

By learning to identify fallacies and fixing idiocracies, we can create a society based on reason, empathy and justice.
What tools resonate with you? Let me know!

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